If you want to kick the habit of smoking or just want to smoke anywhere and anytime without being asked not to, electronic cigarettes are definitely what you need but you have to know how much it costs and if you are willing to spend that much for smoking.

Switching from a regular or traditional cigarette is difficult as it is a little bit costly at first. The initial purchase is always the most expensive as you don’t want to waste money on a product that does not live up to your smoking experience expectations.

However, after the initial purchase, the money you spend on cigarettes or tobacco products is reduced to almost half of the money you spent before. E-cigarettes usually come in starter kits where there is a charger, extra batteries, and many e-liquids so it could last for months or even more than a year depending on what type of starter kit you bought. One thing is for sure, e-cigarettes can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars annually. It also does not have as much tax as regular or traditional cigarettes have.

E-cigarettes come in disposable or refillable models and yes, refillable models could cut you a huge amount of money. Those with disposable cartridges but comes with rechargeable batteries cost around US$10- US$35each and you are looking at saving around US$1,800 per year. Usually, traditional cigarettes can cost you US$3500 a year depending on the state you are in and how much the tax is regarding tobacco products. You could also avail of e-cigarette coupons that a lot of companies have in order for their customers to afford these products.

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Posted about 5 years ago