When someone express their disapproval about your electronic cigarettes what do you tell them? With the ecig industry gaining more and more exposure, it’s our role as a vaper to hold our own in a conversation with someone who may be less informed and educate them about Ecigs. To help you with that, here are some common objections about E-cigs and how we can defend them back. Read on.

Smoker says: “E-cigarettes are too bulky and complicated. I dont want to deal with all the different components of it”

You should say: Tell them that E-cigarettes are very easy to use. Or better yet show them. First off, electronic cigarettes are not bulky – well some of them are, some of them are not. Depending on the type you choose. Mini E-cigs brand like V2 cigs and Blu cigs are very lightweight and really looks and feels like real cigarette. Next, E-cigs are not complicated. If you have a disposable ecig, whip it out and simply start puffing in it. Show them that e-cigarettes have 2 parts. Simply screw the cartridges and batteries together and then start puffing again. They will realize that it’s even easier than smoking traditional cigarettes as one dont need to get their lighter and light it up. If you have a rechargeable ecig, same goes, the difference is just you need to charge your ecig and change flavor cartridges.

Smoker says: “You don’t know what’s in that.”

You sould say: Oh yes I do! Tell them that studies show that E-liquids only contain a mixture of water, FDA-approved propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, food-grade flavors and nicotine if you want to (you can choose nicotine strength of your E-liquid). Furthermore V2 cigs even provide a downloadable list of ingredients, right on their website. They are very transparent as they know, their E-cigarettes dont have any harmful substances in it.

Smoker says: That’s high-tech. That’s probably expensive

You should say: Oh no they’re not! They may be high-tech but they are surely not expensive. In fact, you can even cut your smoking cost to half just by switching to electronic cigarettes. Yes it may cost expensive on your first purchase because you’ll need to buy a starter kit. But after that, all you need to buy are E-liquid that cost around 60cents to refill your cartridges. Each ecig cartridge is equivalent to 1 pack of traditional cigarettes. So compare to $5 a pack of traditional cigarettes, 60cents is way more cheaper. Furthermore, top ecig brands give out a lot of options to let people save more money. They have coupons that can give instant discounts just by pasting the coupon codes before you checkout. They also have an affiliate reward system, storewide sale from time to time and a recycling system.

We respect and understand that people are entitled to their own opinions. However, if you come across someone who are just saying wrong things about E-cigarettes, it is just right to educate them and give them your point of view. After saying what you want, it’s then up to them whether they will believe you and take action or they will not.

Posted about 5 years ago