Vaporizing and Smoking are two very different things as vaporizing is to electronic cigarettes while smoking is to traditional or regular cigarettes. They may look and feel the same but they are very different. Vaporizing is preferred rather than smoking nowadays because of so many reasons. While our main goal for this article is to differentiate smoking to vaping, we will also find out some of those reasons here.

Vapor is a mix of active components via the e-liquid that is being vaporized by e-cigarettes when heated. It turns into gas and it’s what you inhale but it does not burn so the harmful by-products of vapor is not damaging. Smoking on the other hand is a by-product of combustion and it converts the entire substance burned into carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The carbon then collects carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and pure carbon so it becomes a form of smoke. Smoke contains vaporized oil as well but due to the burning process, it creates harmful gases.

Vapors also do not cause that smell that remains in your mouth when smoking. Due to the absence of burnt chemicals from smoking and the added factor of the many flavors of e-cigarette, the burnt smell does not stay in your fingers or on your mouth after. This is also due to the fact that the oils released from the heat via vaporizing diffuses into the air and is thinner than smoke so it disperses quicker. Smoke is denser and settles in an area so it remains in your hair, clothes, fingers, and breath.

Vaporizing and smoking also vary in its effects on the human body because smoking causes drowsiness and lack of oxygen in the body. Vaporizing gives you greater control over the vapor because you can adjust the temperature so you could vape slower or faster depending on the heat. The higher the temperature, the faster you smoke thus there will be a lack of oxygen in the body but if it’s heated in a much lower temperature, oxygen circulates better. Make sure to stay within lower temperatures if your concern is primarily to decrease the stress level on your lungs.

Vaping is also different from Smoking when it comes to its price and usability. Cigarettes are disposables and when you consume one, it's the end of it. A regular smoker spend an average of $10 a day and that's $3600 in a year. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand are reusable. You just need to buy a starter kit that you can use for months of even a year if quality is great and buy E-liquid refills monthly for it. The cost of a starter kit is around $50-$200 depending on the starter kit you will choose. Add up a monthly cost of E-liquids for about $10 and that would only be around $1500 a year. A huge saving! Furthermore there are electronic cigarette coupons that you can use to further lower your vaping cost. And here's where we can help you. Stay with us here at to get the best and the hottest electronic cigarette coupons around. Enjoy!

Posted about 5 years ago