If you are looking for the best electronic cigarette that produces the most vapor and the strongest throat hit, we have listed the top five brands that would help you get a better alternative to smoking strong traditional cigarettes. Vaping is much safer than smoking tobacco or other cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are what you need if you are trying to kick the habit and want to reduce the dangers of smoking that your body could suffer from. S =o without further ado, here are the top strong vaping brands for you.

The top brand you could choose is the V2 Cigs Pro as it is undeniably the top brand in the e-cigarette market today. It also has a giant fan base that proves the brand is of quality at an affordable price and with the release of their pro line, V2 cigs had been stronger than ever. The product produces a lot of vapor and has a longer battery life partnered with great flavors you could choose from. Furthermore, the Pro Series allow you to vape dry herbs and oil wax just by using one electronic cigarette. Try V2 Cigs Pro today.

The second brand is Vapor Fi and this is also a very good product as it has advanced really fast compared to when it was first out in the market. Also known as Vapor Zone, you are sure that you could get that amount of vapor you are looking for. The product offers a dozen of different models that vary in sizes and in power. The Vaporfi Rebel is a sight to be behold as it has a lot of power at a very sleek design.

Mig Cigs is the third brand we could recommend because it’s a very competitive brand and the vapor experience is surely to be enjoyed by consumers. It has a lot of strong starter kits and their Torpedo Dry Herb Vaporizer is one of the most powerful in the industry. The vapor production of this brand partnered with the miniature set-up of Mig Fusion 21 is the perfect mix as reviews say.

The fourth e-cigarette brand is the Volcano E-cig and it’s recommended for the advanced users as they also offer an eGo version of their e-cigarettes. eGos produce a lot of vapor and the battery runs great as well.

Last but not the least, Pax by Ploom rounds up our top five brands as it has been around for quite a time now and is said to be the best vaporizer in the industry. It has been getting great reviews and if you want a product that’s overall great especially in vapor production, we recommend this product that has already established a great market.

Posted about 5 years ago